Hillbilly Soul always goes down well, especially since they have music from the 1960s into their repertoire. A show that promises to be overwhelming, as always, with the Parisian Marie Claire Dubost and the two Veronese Simonetta Basile and Stefania Targa.

Their voices harmonise perfectly in choruses of beat, soul, country and even old Italian repertoire. Their popularity in Verona and abroad came early, thanks to the originality of the show, the danceability of the music, the impressive sets and the energy of this female trio.

Hillbilly Soul is about to embark on two new international tours and a new CD is in the pipeline, following three previous recordings: ‘The Country from C to Y’ and ‘Wonder Soul’ in 2007 and ‘Pickin’ Wildflowers’ in 2008. The backing vocalists for artists such as Bobby Solo, James Burton, Elvis Presley’s historic guitarist, Albert Lee, Luca Olivieri, Massimo Bubola, Jerry Calà, Dino, Rudy Rotta, John Jorgenson and others will soon be embarking on the world tour of C.J. Marvin, Elton John’s alter ego, which will include a stop in Australia. They will then tour Europe with the Orchestra Sinfonica della Magna Graecia.

When: 15 April from 9.15 pm
Where: Osteria “La Vecchia Rama” – San Peretto di Negrar, via Tomenighe di Sotto
To book, call: 333 2051319