Federalberghi Garda Veneto goes to the forefront to defend its territory, in particular from fake news that destabilizes the perception of Garda abroad, such as the lack of water that would compromise tourist activity. The lack of rainfall has indeed marked a lowering of the water level but fortunately, the Garda is not yet among the lake basins at risk of water

Federalberghi Garda Veneto started a campaign of awareness and prevention in view of the summer season. According to estimates, in fact, the Gardesana area will be among the top destinations at a national and international level. For this reason, the trade association decided to share the strategies analyzed by its partners in a practical and concrete informative vademecum (HERE is the link in English, HIER der Link auf Deutsch).

“Together Lake Garda” is an awareness campaign aimed at operators, tourists, and those who visit Lake Garda all year round. It is an informative vademecum with concrete tips and suggestions to save electricity and water. The project is now also shared by Federalberghi Brescia and ASAT and aims to give concrete answers to current issues.

More specifically, Federalberghi Garda Veneto is aimed at all possible visitors to the area. These include operators. It is possible to save up to 30% of the water in the bath areas thanks to special products such as showers, aerators, and mixers. Even by implementing small measures concerning the pools we can have a significant water-saving level. For example, with periodic control of pH and chlorine or even reusing, when possible, water from previous seasons. In addition, the theme of irrigation is particularly important. For this reason in the vademecum, there are many tips about the type of water to use, how to slow evaporation, or even the amount of water to use. 

As for foreign guests, there are two trilingual information sheets (Italian, English and German) focused on electricity and water saving. These are eight actions that lead to a general saving of 20% of resources, four to avoid water waste and four for electricity:

  • Turn on the tap only when using water 
  • If you can, use towels more than once before changing them
  • If you notice a leak, notify reception as soon as possible 
  • Use the shower as long as you need and turn off the tap when you soap
  • Use air conditioning at the right temperature for your health 
  • Close windows if air conditioning is on 
  • Detach your smartphone from the socket once it is charged
  • Turn off the lights when possible and make use of natural light.

Another project of great national relevance involves regular visitors to Lake Garda, local companies, and supported by Federalberghi Garda Veneto is “Life Blue Lakes”. Legambiente Onlus plays the lead role in this project. The program aims to reduce microplastic pollution in Italian lakes to better maintain lake habitats. The main purpose is to make tourism companies plastic free by 2030. 

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Federalberghi awareness campaing