The magic of the Opera Festival comes to the neighbourhoods. For the first time, the opening night of the Opera Festival will be shown outside the Arena, in the squares and gardens of the city, in order to spread culture throughout the territory and give the citizens the opportunity to experience the charm of a “live” opera.

On the evening of Friday 16th June, the opening day of the 100th edition of the Arena Festival, four maxi-screens will be set up in as many locations around the city, chosen for their accessibility and capacity. The City Council’s intention is to involve the city in one of Europe’s leading cultural tourism initiatives, promoting it not only to opera fans but also to new audiences who will be able to enjoy a unique experience under the stars. The event will also be broadcast worldwide on Rai1, bringing the new version of Giuseppe Verdi’s Aida into the homes of millions of people around the world.

The following venues have been chosen to host the opera under the stars, equipped with screens and a large number of seats for comfortable viewing: the summer garden at Porta San Zeno, Piazza del Popolo in San Michele Extra, San Giacomo Park in Borgo Roma and the area of Via Marin Faliero in Saval.

Parco San Giacomo in Borgo Roma neighbourhood