Brenzone sul Garda promotes sustainable tourism and creates a new bike park. From mid-April, enthusiasts and athletes will be able to ride the 30-kilometer route, which is equipped with signage that provides useful explanations and is divided into ten routes classified according to difficulty on previously used and mapped paths. In fact, there are sections with steeper gradients, such as in the mountains, that alternate with sections that are more suitable for families with children. As a result, the bike park serves as a unique opportunity to experience Lake Garda while also promoting slow tourism.

While cyclists wait for the bike park to be completed, they can ride the bike and pedestrian path that connects Brenzone and Malcesine, passing through some of Lake Garda’s most beautiful spots. The 20-kilometer-long track traverses ten towns, including Castelletto di Brenzone, Marniga, Magugnano, Porto di Brenzone, Assenza di Brenzone, Cassone, Val di Sogno, Malcesine, Campagnola, and Navene. Visitors can make food and wine stops at various venues, visit small towns, discover the Aril (the world’s shortest river), or even see the magnificent Castello Scaligero in Malcesine.