It’s called “Endopank”, the yellow bench dedicated to a delicate and little-known subject such as endometriosis, which has been inaugurated in the “Le sorgenti del castello” park in Castel d’Azzano. Endometriosis is a disabling disease that causes a chronic inflammation of the female reproductive organs. It affects three million women in Italy, between 10 and 15% of women of reproductive age, causing pain and infertility. There is currently no specific cure. By scanning the QR code on the bench with your mobile phone, you can access information and an explanatory video. You can also find out about the progress made in medicine to combat the effects of the disease.

The inauguration was attended by representatives of the voluntary association “La voce di una è la voce di tutti” (The voice of one is the voice of all). The association was set up to give voice to the physical and psychological suffering of women with endometriosis and to raise awareness of the issue. The organisation provides a “yellow phone” (number: 800.189.411) which is open daily from Monday to Friday from 17.00 to 19.00. All the volunteers of the organisation (about 90) throughout Italy answer questions and give moral support to those in need. Some of the operators also have knowledge of English.

The installation of the bank was promoted by the municipal administration, led by the mayor of Castel d’Azzano, Antonello Panuccio.


Castel d’Azzano is 6 kilometres from Verona and is a land of revivals. Parco Le Sorgenti del Castello is located around the 19th century Villa Violini Nogarola, also known as the Castle. It is the seat of the Municipality of Castel d’Azzano. Splendid resurgences “risorgive” and watercourses create a landscape of great environmental value.

Inside the park is the natural wildlife oasis “Le Risorgive”: a refuge and home to typical wetland fauna and flora, and the headquarters of the VerdeBlu Wildlife Rescue Centre, which provides assistance to wild animals that are victims of accidents or in need of help.

The “Le Sorgenti del Castello” municipal park is a place of peace and relaxation, where you can walk along the many waterways and where architecture and nature live side by side: here you can see the resurrections of Lake Mulini and the enchanting Villa Violini Nogarola.