(rfg) Sunday 26 March, from 8.00 to 14.00, is going to take place the tenth edition of “Run for science, Corri per la scienza”, which will bring out hundreds of runners in three different trails of 10, 20 and 60 kilometers. The research project, created and developed by the department of Neuroscience, Biomedice and Movement of the Verona University with the involvement of a number of other universities such as Brescia, Milan, Turin and Burgogne Franche-Comtè, is the largest and most important scientific event for endurance and running.

The researchers involved are coordinated by Federico Schena, sport delegate of the Verona University, by Cantor Tarperi, teacher of Training Technics and Methodologies and by Luca Delle Carbonare, director of the School of Sport Medicine at Verona’s University.

With the help of amateur runners and professionals running to contribute to knowledge, the focus will be on the benefits e the variations induced by stress to go into details, scientifically, various aspects related to running. The different research groups will produce a multidisciplinary analysis to use in the main research.

The scientific theme of this tenth edition will be fatigue, mental and physical, studied in its neuromuscular e physiological mechanisms. The resistance to stress is an important aspect in medium to long distance runs. Muscular fatigue is defined by “a loss in strength: lower rate of movement creation“. Running with high cognitive levels could help? What are the strategies that can lower the perception of stress? Can fatigue become a stimulus?

By the 2023 scientific protocol the runners will undergo various measurements like anthropometric (weight, height, body composition), cognitive (valued by questions or informatic systems), overall condition (strength, elasticity, sensibility), functional (energetic loss, precision) and organic (via blood sampling) all these before and right after the run. To understand the oxidation of fats, the use of carbohydrates, the energy requirements of running, metabolic plateaus and aerobic strength the researchers will conduct test with same stress loads and with increasing stress loads