The University of Verona has created Sportis, a master degree in innovative sports management that has already enrolled 50 students. Yet, there are still places for people who want to work in sports and study in the department of Vicenza. The course aims to prepare students for careers as team managers, sports managers, and event and communications managers. 

Sportis and interdisciplinary skills

The program’s goal is to produce specialists who can succeed on the national stage and beyond while also meeting Veneto’s expanding need for professionals. Because of this, the course provides a number of lectures with a focus on sporting organizations. Lessons on their budgeting and control are among them, as are those on psychology, administrative and private law, or even fundraising and marketing. Also receiving specific attention will be the topics of innovation and sustainability. HERE the study plan.

According to job portals, three occupations stand out. The first is sports management, a profession that was formally recognized in 2021 and that focuses on the administration of sporting venues, businesses, and organizations. The manager of sports events and communications is another figure; this person typically works for an organization. The ability to manage teams or athletes will also be provided, as will the necessary abilities. 

Forty-three percent of the population of Veneto plays sports

The course, which was developed by the University of Verona in cooperation with the Vicenza University Studies Foundation, was introduced yesterday morning at the University of Vicenza. The presentation was attended by a large number of athletes, industry professionals, and administrative leaders, highlighting the significance of sport in the Veneto area. Sports activities do in reality generate significant economic value, and the new master’s program is anticipated to further increase the already strong demand in this area.