They compact waste, improve public spaces and are emission-free. Verona takes a step forward to become green with the installation of the seven solar energy baskets. Three more to be placed in the coming days  

What are the smart baskets?   

These are baskets equipped with a system of self-pressure powered by a small solar panel that can dispose of waste independently. So: clean energy and waste compression that will not clutter the city’s streets. In volume terms, they have twice the capacity of those in use (240 liters against 100) to contain the waste of the collection undifferentiated.   

Another important aspect is the presence of a Cloud-GPRS communication system which can always and in real time provide information on the filling status of the baskets, allowing Amia operators (Azienda Multiservizi di Igiene Ambientale di Verona – Verona Environmental Health Service Company -, the company that deals with waste disposal in the city) to provide the emptying in a timely and efficient manner.  

What are the advantages?  

The intelligent baskets will consequently allow Amia operators to optimize the operation and timing of their interventions, leading to significant cost savings. Above all, they reduce CO2 emissions from rubbish disposal and collection vehicle traffic in the historical center.    

Another significant benefit will be for the citizens and tourists who live Verona’s streets. The devices, in fact, enable for the improvement of public spaces due to the absence of waste, which frequently spills out of baskets because of its overabundance. And since the waste will be compressed, there will not be the bad smells that are generally felt near the garbage.  

Where in Verona?   

The solar baskets are designed especially for areas with high influx of people. In Verona, the seven so far installed, are in Piazza dei Signori, Piazza Erbe, Via Mazzini, Piazza Brà, Piazza Cittadella and two in the Ponte Pietra area, located on both sides of the street. In the next few days, three more baskets will be installed, respectively in via Stella, via Cappello and at the excavations of Porta Leoni.  

Roberto Bechis (President of newco AmiaVr, company that will buy AmiaVerona)
and Marco Burato (Vice President of the actual Amia Verona) in piazza Erbe