Vermouth takes Italy. Dozens of bars across the peninsula will put their bartenders to work developing new cocktails from June 25 to July 2. The one rule: Vermouth at the bottom.

Following the success of the previous event, the Vermouth Consortium of Torino will run the project again this year. Experimenting with fresh drink recipes is a great way to welcome the Italian summer and the Vermouth of Turin Week strives to propagate the culture of good drinking, with a particular emphasis on the notoriety and transversality of the most famous Italian flavored wine.

The initiative involves the partnership of numerous Italian clubs, which will make available the experienced hands of their baristas to produce fresh and inventive drinks. It will be a remote network where the protagonists will share recipes, which will also be published on Vermouth’s social channels, so that the public may experience the new cocktails at any of the participating bars. 

Vermonth of Turin, the most famous aromatized wine in Italy

1700, we are in Torino at Casa Savoia. The then-Italian rulers began a series of gastronomic exchanges of sweets, truffles, spices, and liqueurs, including wermut, the German term for wormwood, the main aroma of Vermouth. And thanks to these imports, the first bottles of liqueur wine born, which over the centuries underwent numerous transformations, first of all from a bitter and medicinal beverage to a sought-after and popular one.

Until the ‘800s, when it became known as “delight for the ladies” and enjoyed during “the time of Vermouth”, or our current aperitif, women preferred the white form while men generally chose the dry one. Then, it was gradually paired with food, with the so-called “reinforcing dish”, which served the dual purpose of satisfying palates and boosting the organoleptic features of Vermouth. This enabled the wine to spread not only in Italy, where it had already depopulated in Turin, Milan and Rome, but also internationally, beginning from Spain and Latin America.

Given its importance, the Vermouth Consortium of Turin was created to safeguard, promote, and develop the name, which now encompasses 35 historic companies who produce and distribute it over the world.

Practical info on how to participate

Any local can participate, just fill in the form (here the link), send a photo of your creation to Vermouth Torino Week, so that it can be recondivided on social networks, and put on your card the cocktail.