Students from the Veronese photographer Luciano Perbellini arrive in Pantelleria to present his latest photography book, “Emozioni sospese” (Suspended Emotion). “This is not a book about Pantelleria,” claims Perbellini, “but a book created from the feelings and emotions of 20 photographers who have looked at and savored it.”

Perbellini’s students accompanied him on a journey to Pantelleria to create “Emozioni sospese.” Each of the three groups spent a week trying to capture the deepest suggestions of travel photography. The result is a book that captures the everyday life, colors, and suspended emotions of the Sicilian island.

But, as he argues, “no photographer has been exhaustive with his images. Besides, it would be presumptuous to think of capturing the soul of a place in just a few weeks’ stay.” Never presume to understand. You only have to let yourself be taken away by your emotions in front of such a highly marked island.”

Veronese Photographer
Photo by Stefano Gili

The special project at the end of the Veronese photographer’s courses

The book was launched on August 24 at the island’s medieval castle, with a conversation between the Veronese photographer and Peppe D’Aietti, a Pantelleria expert who also accompanied Perbellini’s students on the journey. “Emozioni sospese” is the culmination of the photographer’s training course, which he organizes every year and gives his students a “special project,” namely collaboration with other prominent names in international photography.

Last year, it was the turn of “Anche questo è amore” (“This too is love”), which saw the signature of Monika Bulak, a native Polish, but naturalized Italian, photographer, reporter, and documentary filmmaker. The project tried to represent love within the four walls of the home and was so powerful that it earned third place in the non-professional category at the International Photography Awards in New York. This year’s edition also features Marco Pinna, Photo Editor of National Geographic Italy.

Veronese Photographer
Photo by Maria Laura Fineschi

And after Pantelleria, Perbellini is ready to land in Brazil

Students in his most recent course will spend time in Brazil, dividing their travels between the cities of Tapera Dos Vital and Jaoquim Nabuco. The new goal is to document the economic and social distress that distinguishes these locations. In fact, the students will stay in local homes provided by the Modena Third World Association to capture the lives of people who struggle for life every day. This time, Manila Camarini, D photo editor of the national newspaper La Repubblica, will collaborate on the new special project.

Veronese Photographer
Photo by Laura Andrei