Verona becomes the home of the entire international traditional gaming and sports community for four days. Tocatì, the International Festival of Street Games that also celebrates its entry in the Unesco Register of Good Practices, comes to Verona from September 14 to 17.

Tocatì, which means “it’s your turn,” is one of the year’s most anticipated events. Verona’s streets and squares celebrate the end of summer with enthusiasts of classic games and sports from everywhere, as well as newcomers to this world. The festival celebrates its 21st edition by bringing traditional flavours, music, cinema, and reflections on the importance of playful times to the streets of Verona.

Treasure hunts, puppet workshops, blowgun shooting, spinning top construction, and English language sports are among the activities available to children. Tocatì is an outdoor playground for children and adults, providing an opportunity to socialize and spend quality time together. There will be no shortage of board classics such as checkers and chess, subuteo, or even traditional Italian games such as morra, the game of nuts, tò vegna in the upcoming edition. For the most adventurous, parkour is the sport that represents overcoming obstacles—overcoming natural or manufactured barriers solely by one’s own strength.

The international Tocatì and current issues

Heterogeneous by definition, Tocatì will not fail to make us travel around the world thanks to the games. Indeed, an important presence will be that of the African Museum, which will bring Awalè-Wari, the sowing game, to the festival. Along with the museum will also be the guest of honour of the edition: Portugal, which will bring “corrida e lançamento de cântarosjogo de malhajogo de bola e pau or even demonstrations of luta de galhofa”  to Verona. 

This year, Tocatì also celebrates the 20th anniversary of the UNESCO ICH Convention by removing geographical divides and bringing cultures closer together through traditional music, engaging performances, and worldwide challenges. These include the international lippa tournament and the international cannata running challenge, as well as tocasa (your home), in which inhabitants open their doors to small groups of guests and invite them to take part in daily life.

Returning events in conjunction with CEMEA (Centri Esercitazione Metodi Educazione Attiva—Active Education Methods Exercise Centers), such as the event dedicated to slow play games and their connection with education, are planned for this year. Another anticipated event is that scheduled by A.S.D. La Grande Sfida, where the protagonist will be a free-to-play game.

More informations about the festival HERE.