The harvest of the white Garganega grape begins in September, and Soave celebrates with a weekend of culture and tradition. Exhibitions, tastings, shows, and musical evenings for the Festa dell’Uva di Soave – Soave Grape Festival organized by the Soave Proloco – are scheduled through Monday, August 18.

Soave, a wine-producing region, has been commemorating the Grape Festival for nearly a century, since the first edition was established in 1929 by the then-president of the Cantina Sociale di Soave. The purpose was and still is to make the beauty of the Veronese hills known through guided tours that include food, wine, and folk traditions.

Festa dell’Uva di Soave’s program

The Veronese municipality will be full of events until next Monday. There will, of course, be numerous food and wine kiosks selling and tasting local products in Via Ruffo, as well as musical performances to accompany the last summer evenings, particularly the one on Sunday, which will conclude with a fireworks display. Numerous exhibitions are also planned, including a bonsai-themed one on Saturday and a liquor exhibition and auction on Sunday.

For little ones, the educational farm “Le Chere” returns in the mornings at Porta Verona, where there will also be the typical wine fountain. Additionally, there will be a trade and handicraft market, as well as dance and ballroom dancing activities, the latter of which will take place on Monday in Rimembranza Park. Another must-see event is the showcase of the best grapes of 2023, which takes place on Sunday morning at 10 a.m.

Where to taste local products

Four must-visit locations for everyone who enjoy regional cuisine. “La Piazzetta del Soave” will be organized in Piazza Mercato dei Grani, where you can sample fish dishes combined with Soave wine. In Piazza Foro Boario, there will be a sandwich shop, piadineria, and open bar, and in Rimembranza Park, the Isola del Gusto marquee will be used for self-service of traditional meals and an open bar. Finally, the “Friends of Fabio” exhibit will be located in Marogna Square.