Pasqua Vini, a Verona-based winery known for its Amatone della Valpolicella, has been nominated for “Innovator of the Year” by Wine Enthusiast, a New York-based magazine considered a leader in the world of wines and spirits. 

“Despite being founded in 1925, Pasqua Vini continues to look to the future as the ‘House of the Unconventional,” Wine Enthusiast stated after nominating the vineyard for the 24th edition of the Wine Stars Awards (here the full list of nominees). The Verona-based winery is in its third generation, as represented by CEO Riccardo Pasqua and U.S. president Alessandro Pasqua, but it continues to innovate in the market. It just launched a new line of wines, including a Cabernet Sauvignon and an Oseleta mix, under the Mai Dire Mai label.

Pasqua Vini has appeared on Wine Enthusiast’s list before

Already last year, the American magazine referred to the winery as “an international research laboratory” and named it one of five candidates in the “European Winery of the Year” category. On that occasion, the nomination was due to a team of people of various nationalities from five continents, as well as an ongoing study in style and approaches.