The Antiques and Vintage Market’s monthly appointment is back in Valeggio sul Mincio on Sunday, September 24. The Veronese town designated as a City of Art lies in the Moraine Hills and is the ideal weekend vacation location.

On the fourth Sunday of the month, Piazza Carlo Alberto and the adjacent streets are filled with about 100 exhibitors who bring to Valeggio high-quality pieces ranging from various types of objects to furniture and collectible ethnic products. English ceramics and silverware, rare prints and books, mirrors, frames, and vintage accessories are also among the items to be found. Specifically, professional exhibitors are in Piazza Carlo Alberto, Via Roma, and Via Alessandro Sala, while hobbyists are in Via Marsala and Via Jacopo Foroni.

vintage market

Since its creation in 1994, the Antiques and Vintage Market has captivated generations.

More recently, it has given more and more space to modern items, which has found particular success with younger people. Valeggio thus gains a unique attractiveness as a result of its tours that lead visitors to learn about the region’s artistic heritage, which alternates between Venetian and Lombard imprints.

The Municipal Palace will host themed exhibitions throughout the festival in association with some local collectors.