The Ceramics Festival comes to Verona with 50 artists from all across Italy displaying their creations. The program also includes free workshops for children and adults to learn more about the craft of ceramics, which has a long history in Italy.

The fifth edition of the Verona Ceramics Festival, organized by Arte della Ceramica, will be held next weekend, September 23 and 24, in the San Zeno district. Numerous artisan potters will present one-of-a-kind ceramic items modeled with various techniques for furniture, tables, and people, the product of manual labor as well as research and study.

Some ceramicists who will participate in the Ceramics Festival

Turone Flavia of Atelier Effetti from Milan, who will bring porcelain clay jewelry to Verona, and Pozzi Lorella, who creates furnishing accessories and jewelry inspired by the architecture of the plant world, are also among the professionals. Suspension and table lamps, vases, centerpieces with pop symbols, and jewelry that can be considered both accessories and real sculptures are among the works she will bring to the event. 

But there will also be mugs, bowls, and plates, such as those by Riganelli David of RS Ceramica Pop, with masterpieces crafted with ancient techniques of Italian majolica and, in particular, Veneto folk ceramics, but in an eclectic and contemporary way. Still on the subject of kitchenware, an important Veronese presence will be that of ManinPasta, Cristina Pinto’s workshop in the heart of San Zeno, where teapots, jugs, and bowls, as well as sushi sets, are produced. Cristina will also bring Kintsugi, a Japanese repair technique, to the festival.

Claudio Pisapia of Montis Pescalis Ceramics will also be present with works created using the black monochrome technique, which distinguishes Etruscan art, and Bucchero firing, for fans of music and wind and percussion musical instruments. 

Montis Pescalis Ceramiche