Two evenings dedicated to highlighting and promoting Verona’s Gin Makers. The greatest Scaliger producers who have acquired a substantial share of the market in recent years are the protagonists of the Verona Gin Festival. The second edition of the event will take place this weekend, Friday, September 29 and Saturday, September 30, from 7:30 p.m. to 2 a.m., at AMEN Panoramic Bar and Food on Viale dei Colli in Verona.

The event was designed to raise awareness of responsible drinking, which is defined as a sense of quality that rewards research, passion, and professionalism. “The Verona Gin Festival’s proposal is to enhance all of this by offering products of the highest quality, perfectly blended, that do not generate those reactions that lead people to lose the pleasure of a gin and tonic or two, turning it into a search for a high.” “We are and will always be against the high and in favor of conscious and responsible consumption,” argues the project’s creator, Francesco Millenario.

A two-day event, then, to highlight Verona’s Gin Makers, many of whom are extremely young and have a tireless passion that motivates them to develop products of outstanding quality. “It’s quite common for us to walk into a venue and see customers order emblazoned and commercial gins, often very expensive ones, only to discover, while speaking with patrons and bartenders, that they are totally unfamiliar with craft and local gins.” Millennial continues, “Motivated by a desire to support local producers, we decided to host a two-evening event in which products blended in traditional Gin Tonic will be offered.”

10 producers at the Verona Gin Festival

Spirits makers will be present to mix and discuss the features that define each gin with the public. Terpeni Gin – Distilleria Zona B, Ama Gin, Gin Tzoa, Gin AI, Midnight Gin, Vhagin, Gin Franco – Anima Spirits, Dioniso, Olivia, and Panico Gin will be the ten houses exhibiting this year. They are accompanied by the official tonic of the second edition, “Acqua Brillante,” from the ancient Italian manufacturer Recoaro, a leader in the industry since 1954.

The event is free entry until 11:30 p.m. for everyone, after which 10 euros for men’s entry (including standard drinks—to consume at the Gin Festival, you will need to add 2 euros), and for women, free entry all night. The price of Gin Tonics will be 10 euros, and there is also music and entertainment by Amen on the program.