“Cene spettacolo”. Instead of the classic red armchairs, elegant round tables with dinner served and, to follow, top-class performances. An enthralling format that returns for the second year at the Ristori Theatre in Verona. Coming up, on 1 December at 8.30 pm, is the first date with the famous singer Alexia in the “MyXmas” concert.

The first dinner show will feature Alexia (stage name Alessia Aquilani) in MyXmas, a Christmas project with a band and four choristers, taking the audience back to the 60s, 70s and 80s with the most beautiful songs by icons such as Stevie Wonder, Darlene Love, John Lennon and many others. The show winks at the fashion of those years like Happy Days on TV or Grease in the cinema. Lots of energy with the unmistakable voice of Alexia who, since her debut to date, has sold more than 5 million records worldwide, winning eight Gold and two Platinum records. Her first single, ‘Me and You‘ (1995), was number 1 in the charts in Italy and Spain. A year later, the hits ‘Summer is crazy‘, ‘Number One’ and ‘Uh la la’ were also number one all over Europe.

FORMAT AND TICKETS FOR DINNER SHOWS. The innovative format takes full advantage of the Ristori’s structural modularity. The stalls become a cosy convivial room with elegant tables positioned so that the artistic event and the dinner can be enjoyed, in a perfect interlude of show and tasting. The ticket, including dinner and the show, can be purchased for 99 euros in the dedicated section of the website: https://www.teatroristori.org/cene-spettacoloThe Alexia date can be booked by Wednesday 29 November.