The fifth annual “Mozart in Verona” festival has begun. Throughout January, 35 events will be held to honour Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the Austrian composer whose travels to Verona left an unforgettable mark on the city.

Indeed, Mozart visited Verona on multiple occasions. From his overnight visits at the then-Due Torri tavern in Piazza Sant’Anastasia to his friendship with Veronese Pietro Lugiati, who hosted him on multiple occasions. Among the numerous concerts, Verona, however, remembers and honours Mozart’s 1770 concert in the Accademia Filarmonica’s Sala Maffeiana. Following his debut in Italy, Amadeus returned the following year, this time playing in the Carmelite friars’ church of San Tomaso Cantuariense. The precious organ constructed by Giuseppe Bonatti of Desenzano in 1716, and still kept in the Veronese church, fascinated the classical music master to the point of inspiring him to perform again.

The whole Veronese aristocracy adored and admired him. Mozart’s initials can still be seen on the San Tommaso Cantuariense organ. His trips to the Scaliger City are commemorated many times each year, and an entire month of events has been dedicated to Amadeus since 2019. 

Next “Mozart a Verona” event: the Veronese-style Bells concert on Sunday, Jan. 7

Following Friday’s opening with “Paolina Leopardi Tells Mozart” in the Maffeiana Hall of the Teatro Filarmonico, the Verona Bell School’s “Campane alla Veronese per Mozart” (“Bells in the Veronese Style for Mozart”), a concert of bells performed in the “Veronese-style” method, is not to be missed. Appointment at San Tomaso Cantuariense at 10:45 a.m.

VeronainMozart, by and with Andrea De Manincor and live music by Luca Sartori, will tell the history of Mozart on Sunday, January 8, at San Domenico al Corso. During the performance, you can discover his trips to Verona, the magnificent organ, the comeback, and much more. Furthermore, ApertiMozart will be perfect for those who want to blend the Austrian composer’s music with the true Italian styleFucina Machiavelli proposes a well-known initiative where participants can listen to and talk about Mozart sitting at the table with an apertif. First appointment: Saturday, Jan. 13.

On Saturday, January 20, a duo will accompany you on a musical voyage through the various eras that have shaped history: “From Mozart to Contemporaries.” Miranda Mannucci and Francesco Orecchio will perform at 5:30 p.m. in the Army Unified Club. Another event will be the “Classical Compositions… in Jazz” on Tuesday, 30. The Ritmo Sinfonica Big Band City of Verona’s performance is an African-American-style rethinking of well-known W. A. Mozart pieces.

The full program: