He is widely regarded as one of Europe’s best country guitarists. He has shared the stage with legends like James Burton, Elvis Presley’s legendary guitarist, Bobby Solo, Albert Lee, and John Jorgenson. Luca Olivieri no longer keeps track of the number of concerts that have carried him all over the world. Despite this, nothing has yet been able to permanently remove him from Verona, where he was born and has been residing since 1962.

He has been a guitar enthusiast for as long as he can remember. In 1997, Luca was asked to play at the Soave Guitar Festival, where he accompanied Albert Lee. When he met Burton, the Verona guitarist was already a huge Elvis Presley fan. He performed alongside him at the Shreveport Festival in 2007 and at the Summer Jamboree Festival in 2010.

In Soave, he also met Jerry Donahue and Tommy Emmanuel in 1999. His career took off from there, with concerts bringing him beyond Europe to the United States and Canada.