Tina and Milo are on their way to visit Italian cities that are hosting the Games. The two adorable stoats, who represent the Winter Olympics and the Paralympics, respectively, will visit the Arena di Verona on February 23.

Tina and Milo are the quintessential modern Italian—bubbly and sharp-witted, naturally curious, startling in their seasonal fur color changes, and tough in their adaptation to a harsh environment like the highlands. The purpose of the two stoats’ choice as mascots is to spread and promote the culture and traditions of their host territories. The similar names really refer to two Italian cities: Tina is short for Cortina and Milo for Milano. Administrators, athletes, kids, and supporters will all greet them warmly throughout their emotional tour of Italy.

Tina and Milo’s story

The Olympic mascot is Tina, the clear-coated stoat. Born in Italy, where the summertime green mountains give way to the wintertime snow, she quickly made the decision to go to the city in pursuit of always novel experiences and unique people, since she views diversity as a strength. Instead, Tina’s brother Milo, the brown coat stoat, will represent the Winter Paralympics. Despite being born without a leg, Milo overcomes all obstacles with the help of his powerful will and optimism. The joyful stoat actually moves through with his tail. He loves to run, jump, and climb trees, and the woods are a perfect home for him.

Tina and Milo Mascotte Winter Olympics and Paralympics. Milano Cortina 2026
Tina (left) and Milo (right). Photos from Milano-Cortina 2026’s Facebook page