The water and tourism industry on Lake Garda has created Terme di Sirmione Academy, the initiative aiming to train the next specialists in the sector. The project focuses on three professional training tracks: catering, technical, and wellness. The first appointment to mark on your calendar is February 20 for the recruiting day, when candidates will be selected to access the two-month education. At the end of the period, the best participants will be offered a seasonal employment contract.

Terme di Sirmione Academy recruiting day

The February 20 appointment is at the Hotel Acquaviva del Garda from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Reservations are not required to access the day, but it is advised that participants bring an updated resume to present during the hiring process.

Aquaria Thermal SPA, photo by Terme di Sirmione Facebook Page

How does the training course work?

Those who make it through the recruiting day can enroll in one of three training programs: wellness, which seeks to educate yoga and mindfulness operators, aufgussmeisters, and beauty specialists how to use the Terme di Sirmione method; technical, which covers hygiene and maintenance of thermal pool education; or catering, which is intended for professionals working in rooms and bars.

Training will consist of 100 hours spread over two months, including both theory and practice. The participants will be supervised by on-site professionals such as maître d’s, hotel managers, or technicians while they work at Terme di Sirmione Srl companies, which include 3-, 4-, and 5-star hotels, spas, and healing centers. Following the training period, the company offers seasonal contracts to the best participants.