Verona reaffirms its appeal as a wedding travel destination. 148 of the 747 weddings that took place in 2023—the majority of which were civil ceremonies—were not Veronese residents. Specifically, 26% of the latter came from outside Italy, with the remaining proportion coming from other Italian cities. Sposami a Verona is an initiative of the Municipality of Verona that promotes this kind of tourism by enabling couples to celebrate their civil marriage or special symbolic ceremonies in Verona’s prominent palaces and private places, such as Juliet’s house.

Weddings of non-residents

Of the couples that decide to celebrate their union in Verona, 19.8% do not live in the city. To be more precise, 38 foreign nationals were married in 2023; they were primarily from Germany, England, Belgium, France, the Vatican State, and the Principality of Monaco. The Germans led the way with 26.9 percent, followed by the British with 21.2 percent and the French with 7.7 percent.

Married couples in which at least one of the two is a resident of Verona

In 2023, newlywed couples who both lived in Verona accounted for 58.4% of the celebrations, followed by couples who resided in other Italian municipalities (13.6%) and people who resided abroad (5.1%). The majority of couples who are citizens of the City of Verona are Romanian (25.0%), followed by Moldovans (12.5%), Sri Lankans (6.8%), and Moroccans (6.8%).

Couples with one spouse residing in the municipality and the other residing abroad or in another Italian municipality have different nationalities by gender. 14.3% of the husbands are Nigerian, 11.4% are Albanian, and 8.6% are Moroccan, Colombian, or Dominican. On the other side, 10.9 percent of brides are Russian and Brazilian, followed by 8.7 percent Moroccan and Nigerian, and 6.5 percent Albanian and Moldovan.