The Premio Cara Giulietta (Dear Juliet Prize) is back, which is dedicated to the letters that reach Shakespeare’s heroine from all over the world. For the occasion, the podcast “Corrispondenze. Quando gli scrittori si scrivono” by Miryam Scandola with original music by singer-songwriter Veronica Marchi, produced by Storie avvolgibili in collaboration with the Club di Giulietta. The appointment is for Saturday 17 February 2024, at 20.30, at the Teatro Nuovo in Verona. Admission free.

The art of written love lettering has, for centuries, had the same home: that of Juliet, in Verona. Letters addressed to Shakespeare’s heroine arrive from all over the world. Close to the courtyard that hosts literature’s most famous balcony, the event will be an opportunity to take a journey into the world of correspondence, starting with the literary ones and ending with the most intimate and everyday missives. Indeed, the evening will open with a live performance of the podcast ‘Correspondences. Quando gli scrittori si scrivono” by journalist Miryam Scandola. A podcast produced in collaboration with the Veronese podcast boutique Storie avvolgibili, with original music by singer-songwriter Veronica Marchi. In the podcast, available on Spotify and all listening platforms from Valentine’s Day, Miryam Scandola investigates the love of some of the most famous literary couples through their letters. From the troubled one of Albert Camus with Maria Casarès, to the poetic love of Marina Cvetaeva and Rainer Maria Rilke, passing through the most literary passion of all, that of Cesare Pavese and Bianca Garufi who, instead of making love, ended up writing a book in four hands.

Dear Juliet, Verona..’: this is how all the messages delivered to the offices of the Club di Giulietta begin. Together with thousands of other replies, they testify to the universality of the Shakespearian myth and the fascination of Verona as the city of love.

There is Mariana who comes from Mexico and writes about her new love that makes her feel brave. Then there is Chiara who asks Juliet if the Peter who left her will always be the man of her life. There is Emma, 17 years old, passionate about literature and quantum physics, who writes to Juliet to get a great answer: will I ever have a Romeo to love? And finally, the intense love of Laura and Kai, a couple who say I love you, for the first time, in two letters sent to the Shakespearean heroine. They are the winners of the 32nd edition of the Dear Juliet Prize to the most beautiful missives. Mariana Monaco who moved from Mexico to Italy and here first lost and then found a new love; seventeen-year-old Emma Gamberini and her dreamed Romeo, Chiara Massaro and the pain for that now distant Peter, the couple Laura and Kai and a very deep love.

The winning letters, which are top-secret for now, will be read out by professional actors on Saturday 17 February 2024 at the Teatro Nuovo in Verona at 8.30 pm. The event is free admission while places are available.