In order to increase the sustainable growth and internationalisation of the Verona area from a European and global perspective, the Municipality of Verona intends to organise the ‘Verona Èuropa’ festival from 27 April to 12 May. An event consisting of meetings, shows and workshops promoted by the Municipality, the University of Verona and Europe Direct – Province of Verona.

The festival aims at enhancing the culture and awareness of European thinking and European citizenship within a town where opportunities for debate, dialogue and confrontation on the most relevant topics for current affairs and the future of Europe can be organised. And in order to encourage participation, ‘Verona Èuropa’ addresses bodies, associations or informal groups, which can join to present events or initiatives within the festival programme. To join, it is necessary to fill in the expression of interest form (HERE is the link where to find the form).

Initiatives must be of a popular, scientific, artistic, theatrical, musical, literary, gastronomic or social nature and must convey the promotion of European values and spirit such as peace, freedom and democracy, respect for human rights and diversity, substantial equality between people, environmental sustainability and active participation in the life of the European Union.

Proposals should be sent to no later than 7pm on Monday 4 March.