The Borgo Roma neighbourhood in Verona is a little greener now. This is because 1,000 plants will be planted as part of the creation of a new green forest, which will benefit the city’s inhabitants on an environmental and social level. Lots of positive consequences are expected. Naturally, the plants will enhance local biodiversity and improve air quality. Furthermore, when the trees mature, they will produce areas of shade that reduce the impacts of the summer heat and—perhaps more importantly—the phenomenon of heat islands, enabling locals to enjoy this revitalized natural space.

Green Forest Borgo Roma

What kind of plants will grow in Borgo Roma’s new green forest?

The initiative, which is part of the national campaign “Mosaico Verde”and is promoted by AzzeroCO2 and Legambiente, as well as financed by Coin, has focused on the plant species to be grown. Several species have been found that are compatible with the area’s climatic and naturalistic circumstances, including field maple, lesser elm, black hornbeam, oak, and wild apple trees.

Furthermore, owing to cooperation with the University of Verona, the project will allow for the measurement of the impact of greenery in the region through the monitoring of environmental indicators and biomarkers. The Green Mosaic Campaign, which includes the Verona intervention, is part of the wider European LIFE Earth initiative, which seeks to mitigate the consequences of climate change by planting millions of trees by the end of 2025.