The 16th edition of the Italy Model United Nations (Imun) made a stop in Verona. It is a simulation of the United Nations General Assembly, with young students acting as UN country representatives. On Sunday, March 17, 300 high school students from all over Italy met at the Gran Guardia in Verona for one of the Italian sessions. They spent the entire day discussing the most critical current topics in English. A wide range of themes were covered, including cyber welfare and African arms trafficking.

The program is planned and managed by the Verona-based higher education institution, “Italian Diplomatic Academy.” Following the meeting at the Gran Guardia, IDA is organizing further possibilities for young people, with the objective of bringing new generations closer to international politics in all of its parts. In reality, the “student ambassadors” initiative will be launched in Marrakech as well as the Glass Palace in New York and Dubai, the vibrant center of the United Arab Emirates, during the World Government Summit. They will not only participate in intense discussion, conflict, and negotiation but will also attend institutional meetings with world diplomacy leaders in Dubai.

IDA also organizes the project #WEareEUROPE, which takes place in Italy, Brussels, and Bruges and culminates with a simulation of the European Union led by officials from the institutions themselves. Workshops and round tables with representatives from important institutions and agencies involved in the subjects of discussion will help participants understand the challenges at issue and make valuable intellectual contributions.