The Italian Hindu Union donated ten new linden trees to Verona, which were planted on March 21 at the park on Zancle Street. The city was chosen because of its environmental awareness and care for public spaces, as well as its dedication towards these issues.

During the occasion, the nun Svamini Shuddhananda, the representative of the Italian Hindu Union, stated that “this is a nationwide campaign. Verona was chosen due to the municipality’s appeal to those that are sensitive to ecological and environmental concerns.” Luisa Tomazzoli, the Italian Hinduist Union’s representative in Verona, was also present.

“We thank the ecologists of the Italian Hinduist Union because, thanks to their donation today, ten new linden trees are being planted in this area in Via Zanche, adding to the numerous trees planted recently, the last ones last week in Borgo Roma,” Councillor Federico Benini said.