ATV is increasing bus service between Verona and Lake Garda, including its surroundings. Beginning in May, the Veronese Transport Company will improve its offerings by adding extra bus rides in preparation for the start of the holiday season, which is expected to bring millions of people to Lake Garda. However, beginning June 10, the whole Summer Service will be operational, with all connections provided to tourists, park visitors, Arena di Verona spectators, bikers and hikers, and shoppers.

Until June, there are numerous bus rides to travel around Lake Garda.

Four lines connect Verona with the Benaco shores from Monday to Saturday: line 162 (Garda-Bussolengo-Lazise-Pastrengo-Bussolengo-Verona), line 163 (Garda-Verona via Colà and Palazzolo), line 164 (Garda-Bardolino, Lazise-Pastrengo Gardaland, Peschiera-Verona), and line 165 (Garda-Costermano-Affi-Cavaion-Pastrengo-Bussolengo-Verona), all of which provide rides on Sundays and festive days (lines 162 and 164).

To travel around the lake, use lines 164 (Peschiera-Garda) and 484 (Garda-Malcesine-Riva del Garda). Line 483, which travels between Peschiera and Malcesine, will begin hourly service in May. Furthermore, ATV has extended the lines that will operate on May 1st: 162, 164, 173, and 484, all of which will follow the holiday timetable.

“Also for the 2024 tourist season,” says ATV President Massimo Bettarello, “despite the difficulties related to finding driving personnel, we are able to propose a top-tier transportation service. It is meant to be a tangible sign of support for our region, which is spending heavily on tourism recovery, and, as such, it is our responsibility to help with all available resources, including collective mobility.”

Summer rides start on June 10.

Lines 185 (Garda-Bardolino-Lazise-Verona freeway), 479 (Lazise-Colà-Pastrengo Parco Natura Viva-Affi shopping center), and 482 (Catullo Airport-Villafranca-Valeggio Parco Sigurtà-Peschiera-Lazise-Bardolino-Garda-Torri-Malcesine) will be added in June.

Then, lines 163, 164, and 185 work together to provide a link every 30′ between Garda and Verona during the summer, and line 482 provides a connection every 60′ between the lake and Catullo Airport, traveling through Valeggio and Villafranca. The Benaco shoreline, which includes lines 164, 482, 483, and 484, runs approximately every 20′ between Peschiera and Garda, every 30′ between Peschiera and Malcesine, and every 60′ from Malcesine to Riva.

During the summer, services to the two sides of Monte Baldo, lines 470 (Garda-Costermano-San Zeno di Montagna) and 476 (Garda-Calmasino-Affi-Rivoli-Caprino-Spiazzi-Ferrara di Monte Baldo), as well as the Spiazzi-Madonna della Corona shuttle, will be fully operational.

Seasonal services re-proposed for 2024: Lake Garda-Venice and Opera Bus Service.

Seasonal services, which are highly valued by Lake Garda tourists, are also re-proposed this year: the Lago di Garda-Venezia service (from June 11 to September 26 on Tuesdays and Thursdays) and the Opera Bus Service, which, on the evenings of the Arena opera season, takes tourists back to the various Lake destinations, departing from Piazza Bra’ 15 minutes after the performances end.

Atv tickets: the new payment method that speeds up purchases and discounts.

Stefano Zaninelli, general manager of ATV, emphasizes an essential novelty introduced a few months ago on the ATV network : “In keeping with our network’s ticketing modernization process, you can now pay for the ride with a simple “beep,” via contactless credit card, at a flat price of €3.70 per trip in the suburbs and €2 in the city.

As a result, there is no longer any need to look for a reseller or purchase a ticket in any form, which is clearly a plus in terms of convenience for a guest who is unfamiliar with our region. It also encourages the use of public transportation, which benefits the sustainability of the Garda area, which is put to the test by the increase in traffic during the summer period.”

In terms of ticket prices, everyone traveling with ATV’s 1, 3, or 7-day passes can take advantage of savings offered by famous operators such as Funivia del Baldo, Navigarda, Parco Natura Viva, and Parco Sigurtà. Here’s more information.

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