After nine years of blockage, the basket lift and the chairlift that connect Prada to Costabella are back in operation. The two lifts are located between the municipalities of Brenzone sul Garda and San Zeno di Montagna and are both two-seaters. Cima Costabella allows you to “fly” on the Baldo at over 1,800 meters.  

«Above the lake, before the sky», says the slogan that advertises the plant. Half an hour of overflight, surrounded by silence, to climb from Prada to the summit of Baldo, with the blue of Lake Garda and the mountain ranges on the horizon. Thanks to the two lifts, the Montebaldina area can be considered on the net, giving the possibility to people who know little or not at all the mountain to easily climb in altitude, to discover the beauty of the area near the Baldo. The opening hours are from 9 to 15.45 for the lifts with last return at 17 from Monte station and the cost of the return ticket is 19 euros. The cable car will remain open until November 2, then it will be evaluated whether to reactivate it during the Christmas period, or whether to get to spring, as indeed happens with the cable car of Malcesine, a company that has taken over the management of Prada, investing 3 million 600 thousand euros. An opportunity, therefore, to relaunch Monte Baldo and the entire area. 

These facilities always belong to the Malcesine – Monte Baldo cable car circuit, a landmark and a must for tourists of the Garda area during the winter season, but also and especially in the summer. The cable car is also one of the most modern and advanced cable cars in the world, with rotating cabins able to fully appreciate the unique panorama of Lake Garda and Monte Baldo. The latter, in fact, is also called “Hortus Europae”, or the Garden of Europe, for the variety of its flora characterized by some species of native flowers.  

It is therefore in the summer season that the cable car gives its best. From the arrival station of the chairlift there are also many hiking trails that lead to the refuges, the nearest ones are the Rifugio Fiori del Baldo and the Rifugio Chierego. Monte Baldo offers in fact many paths with varying difficulties, from trekking to simple walks in the meadows and in the undergrowth overlooking the lake. All are dotted with different dining options. In addition, the area is also a perfect destination for Nordik Walking. A sport that can be practiced at any age born in Northern Europe as a summer preparation for cross-country skiing.   

Other very successful activities are mountain biking and paragliding. For mountain biking the routes vary in difficulty, from those for more experienced bikers to those for families. And for the transport of bikes there are seven races a day, the first at 8.25 in the morning and the last at 17:15. While for adrenaline lovers, paragliding in Monte Baldo is the perfect alternative. Three thousand meters of altitude, a series of glides and spiral ascents to land in Malcesine. And for the new “Icarus” who find the courage to take off but do not have a patent, the associations of Malcesine allow you to go in tandem with an experienced pilot.