There are 126 foreign students enrolled at the University of Verona. Half of the new entrants come from other regions, mainly Trentino and Lombardy. This figure is in line with the Italian average.

One in two. The University of Verona remains very attractive to those from outside the city, at least fifty per cent of freshmen. The threshold of foreign enrolments stands at less than 3 students per 100, down on previous years. On a national level, Bologna shines the brightest, ahead of even the educational proposals of Milan and Rome. University of Verona, although inferior to the neighbouring university of Padua, is nevertheless chosen thanks to a rich and constantly new offer. According to the research, the university courses for which people move most in Italy are those in the art and design, legal, medical and linguistic fields. “We work on a double track, that of out-of-town students and those from Verona. We are proud that our university is also so attractive to those from outside” – underlines the pro-rector Roberto Giacobazzi. “Rector Nocini is very committed to providing residences, the Esu continues to do an excellent job. We do not have an American model campus, but the idea is for a campus spread throughout the university area and thus Veronetta”. Esu, the regional body for the right to study, manages eight university residences with a total of 438 places available. The applications, for those who met the requirements, were met. Here more information for those wishing to consider Verona as a destination for studies, the site is also in English: