Verona is preparing for a new sports adventure: a bid to host the European Football Championships in 2023. Verona’s bid has been submitted along with other Italian cities, including Rome, Turin and Florence. The final choice of host city will be made by UEFA by the end of 2021, and Italy is considered one of the favorites to host the competition. The city of Verona, well known for being the home of Romeo and Juliet, but also for its great love of sports, particularly soccer. The city is home to two important soccer teams: Hellas Verona (currently in the top division in the salvation zone) and Chievo Verona. The latter played in the top division of the Italian soccer league for many years until its relegation in 2019. Both play their home matches at the Marcantonio Bentegodi stadium.

Verona’s bid to host the 2023 European Championships represents a great opportunity for the city, both from a sporting and economic perspective. The event will require a significant organizational effort, but the city is ready to welcome fans from all over the world. Verona has already proven that it can host high-level sporting events, such as the World Road Cycling Championships in 1999 and the World Ice Hockey Championships in 1994. The city also has experience in handling large flows of tourists thanks to its rich cultural heritage. Hosting the 2023 European Championships would also involve major investments in the city and its infrastructure, including the Bentegodi Stadium, Verona Catullo Airport, and the public transportation network. These investments would create jobs and help grow the local economy. Verona’s bid is also an opportunity to promote the city internationally, attracting media attention and tourists from around the world. The city, already famous for its beauty and history, would become an even more attractive destination for visitors.

The City of Verona also pledges to “prepare a Mobility Plan by 2030, which will include all solutions for the regulation of traffic in the city, near the stadium and other affected places, the exclusive allocation of a share of parking spaces, as well as the promotion of public transport and sustainable forms of mobility.” It is also planned to “develop and implement, in agreement with Figc and Uefa, a program of cultural events.”. In conclusion, Verona’s bid to host the 2023 European Football Championships represents a unique opportunity for the city, both from a sporting and economic perspective. The city has proven itself capable of organizing major sporting events in the past, and its candidacy is a testament to the city’s passion for sports and culture. Now all that remains is to wait for UEFA’s decision and hope that Verona can win the opportunity to host such an important event.