Consorzio Tutela Vino Custoza, one of the most important white wines in Verona and the surrounding area, is run for the first time by two women: the president is Roberta Bricolo (Cantina Gorgo), who is paired with Marica Bonomo (Monte del Frà) and Luca Oliosi (Cantine Verona).

“The aim for the next three years is to promote the international image – explains Roberta Bricolo – focusing on freshness, contemporaneity and likeness, more and more trendy, at the same time showing that Custoza can evolve in a more complex and lasting version“.

Wine tourism, which is already being developed in the area, will play an important role. It will help businesses to welcome visitors with modern solutions and organise events to help them discover the places where Custoza is produced and what they have to offer. Today, the appellation has 72 wineries, 110 bottling plants and 480 winegrowers. It is estimated that the wine is made from 1400 vines, which produce 11 million bottles a year.

Despite the problems caused by the war in Ukraine in 2014 and the rising cost of energy and raw materials, the hard work of all the producers has made it possible to maintain the value of the stock and increase the perceived value of Custoza. According to the certifying body, the bottles produced in 2022 marked a recovery from the figures of the previous two years. The total volume was 78161 hectolitres (+1000 hl compared to 2021). Stocks at the end of the year, excluding the new production data, are also lower than the previous year and stand at 22,661 hl: -4,202 hl compared to 2021.