Forbes has identified Paolo Torneri from Tregnago and Niccolò Ramponi from Bolca as two of the top 100 under-30 leaders of 2024. The two young Veronese, aged 25 and 29, respectively, lifted the name of Lessinia to new heights thanks to FisioScience, the platform that is revolutionizing the world of physiotherapy. Their start-up is the biggest physiotherapist community in Italy, as well as the first benefit society in physiotherapy and the first independent Italian physiotherapy publisher.

FisioScience provides participants with ongoing and consistent education, but what sets it apart is that the training is based only on scientific data, as opposed to traditional approaches that are often obsolete. As a result, they were nominated by the magazine in the Science & Healthcare category.

FisioScience was created in 2018 with the belief that passion drives professional success. As a result, throughout the years, they have developed a platform that includes academic articles, guides, ebooks, and educational videos, all based on the idea that theory is meaningless without practice. So they began collaborating with specialists in the discipline to create lectures that would evaluate clinical cases in detail, and approximately 2,000 professionals from throughout the country have already participated.

Since 2020, they have released seven books, making them Italy’s first independent physical therapy publisher. FisioScience now employs 30 people, including collaborators and colleagues, up from five in 2018.