Swami Sofia Bernardelli, an 11-year-old girl from Verona, will be moving to New York next summer to study the art of musicals.

Having recently passed an audition to attend an intensive summer course at the Joffrey School of New York, she will be learning from the best teachers in the world.

From 12 June to 14 July, the course will see her engaged in eight hours a day of classical dance, jazz, tap, singing, musical repertoire, and audition technique.

The artistic directors will be Matthew Prescott and Maximilien Baud.

Some of the titles Swami will be performing, include Hamilton, MJ the Musical, Moulin Rouge, and Six.

Swami Sofia started studying musicals at the age of four under the tutelage of Pia Sheridan, then director of the CMT Musical Theatre Company. She’s still studying tap, musicals, and acting there. Swami’s career took a drastic turn when she auditioned for the winter show at Gardaland, a theme park on the shores of Lake Garda. She won the lead role for two years.