Italian cultural tourism is experiencing a renaissance after the dark period of the pandemic: this is the conclusion of the special report on the state of cultural tourism in Italy by The Data Appeal Company, presented at the tourismA trade fair in Florence. In 2019, total spending was €16.1 billion, which will fall to €3.3 billion in 2021, a 79% drop for foreigners, while the Italian presence suffered a -29% contraction, the data provider noted, based on data from the Bank of Italy, Istat and others. Today’s figures seem to be similar, if not higher, than the Covid slowdown.

The average daily expenditure of foreign cultural tourists remains unchanged at 139 euros. The average expenditure of Italians is lower.

Looking at the data in more detail, it becomes clear that 70% of foreigners visiting Italian cultural cities are concentrated in nine cities:
Rome 20.9%.
Venice 16.9%
Florence 9.8%
Milan 7.3%
Naples 4.1%
Bari 3.0%
Verona 2.3%
Bologna 2.1%
Turin 1.6%
Pisa 1.3%

These figures make the Veneto region (Venice and Verona together) the first cultural destination in Italy on a par with Rome.