Let’s start from the beginning by introducing the protagonist of this story. Gabry is a seven-year-old child from Verona, a sunny, foody and mountain lover. Despite everything. Gabry, in fact, is affected since birth of discinetic tetraparesis or spastic, a disease that involves great difficulty in movement. He was born on the seventh month with an emergency C-section. Between the cerebral hemorrhage and the intolerance of many organs, the doctors were convinced that he would not make it through the night. But Gabry surprised everyone, fighting like a lion. He smiles at life despite the difficulties resulting from tetraparesis, that is also aggravated by hypotonia of the trunk and neck that makes it difficult to keep his back and head straight.  

Although life has put him to the test, Gabry never loses the smile, especially when he is in his natural habitat: the mountain. And to allow him to live his dream, his dad, from an early age, diligently built him a cart that permit him to see all the paths of Verona. His parents, Giorgia and Fabrizio, decided to make public the story of their special son for a special request: that magical cart had become too small for Gabry, the seat belts were hard to fasten. They needed an alternative and, after researches and advices, they found that special stroller, or “super” as they say, that will allow them to ride a bicycle dragged or pushed by them. A stroller produced only in England, costing 6 thousand euros, plus transport costs and taxes. In addition, Italy does not yet recognize it as a medical aid and for this reason the expense would fall solely on Gabry’s family. 

Here, then, the will to open a Go Found Me fundraising, that in a few days has collected the amount needed and even more. In fact, to this date, the fundraising has reached 11,770 euros thanks to 201 donations. Gabry’s story has touched the hearts of everyone, including our own, at The River. We wish Gabry and his family all the happiness and best landscapes from their beloved mountains.