The Ministry of Health says yes to pets in supermarkets but leaves the last word to owners and retails. In Verona, you can bring them in Migross and Despar but not in Iper. In Esselunga only at the entrance.   

But what does the law say?   

The Ministry of Health has made it clear. In a note addressed to the regions and their respective asl, the Minister specifies that the entry of pets is allowed when the regulation of the chain or the owners of the store allow it, except the risk of contamination of food. Since 2004, in Italy, pets cannot enter the environments in which food is prepared, handled, treated and stored (European Regulation 852/2004). But not all supermarkets have these characteristics. For this reason, a recent note from the Ministry clarifies the distinction between supermarkets and places where food is treated passing the final decision to supermarkets.And if the operator allows pets in, he must also allow them not to come into contact with food and properly inform the owners of the behavior to be respected.    

So, which Veronese supermarkets allow pets?   

There are several positions on the part of large retail chains. On one hand there are those who immediately moved to create favorable situations. The first among all Migross, that has introduced some special trolleys divided into two parts, one to bring your friend to four-pack and the other for products to buy. It therefore allows you to bring small and medium-sized dogs and seems to be already very appreciated by the owners. An initiative especially in view of the summer, to prevent animals from being left alone in the car. In this way, you can both protect your pet and the hygiene of the exposed foods avoiding that the dog wanders in the middle of the store. Of course, the pet friendly cart is bulkier than the others and therefore not suitable for all types of Migross stores. In Verona they can then enter the stores of Croce Bianca and Pestrino.   

Ray in a Migross supermarket in Verona

But also, other chains allow the entry of pets. These include the Despar group. In Verona there are the Eurospar Manin and the Interspar di San Martino.   

Another stance is that of Esselunga. Pets can enter but only in the area in front of the checkout barrier. Esselunga explains that it is a choice of health and hygiene protection due to the presence of many highly perishable foods sold in bulk. In addition, some preparations happen directly in departments such as gastronomy, bakeries and meat department.   

And on the opposite side, supermarkets where dogs can not strictly enter. Iper among them «since the peculiarity of Iper’s production requires that all productions take place in open areas and under the eyes of customers. Since the access to pets is a possible source of food contamination […] to ensure a high standard of hygiene and to protect the health of the consumer, (iper) considers appropriate not to allow animals to enter its stores», so explain on their site. Only exception guide dogs for blind and law enforcement dogs.   

Some supermarkets have been equipping themselves for several years to allow pets to enter their stores. Especially in summer, when the scorching heat can become dangerous for their safety. And also Verona is making progress for our four-legged friends.