With the arrival of spring, ecological Sundays have returned to Verona, and the next event takes place tomorrow, Sunday, April 7, in the Borgo Venezia neighborhood. The project consists of a whole day when automobiles are not permitted to drive through the area’s streets, freeing up space for people to walk or cycle and converting the neighborhood into a pedestrian zone. During the day, local associations will arrange a variety of events, ranging from photograph exhibits to excursions to rediscover Borgo Venezia, as well as many activities for children both within and outside the buildings, and there will also be yoga classes and sports activities. These are organized by associations, nonprofit organizations, and the commercial and craft sectors and will include activities for cultural, environmental, and social awareness, as well as civic activation.

The program of ecological Sunday in Borgo Venezia

There are many possibilities to pick from during the day. Among these is an all-day photographic exhibition on the history of Borgo Venezia in L. Vinco Square, as well as demonstrations, cheerdance, and yoga sessions. Pizzica, an Apulian traditional dance, will take center stage in the afternoon, livening up the square beginning at 2:30 p.m., while skaters may enjoy a freestyle inline skating show.

Another important location will be C. Bettelonghi Street. There will be a variety of activities for kids of all ages, including games designed to raise awareness about the solidarity reuse of clothes, workshops, and animated readings. There will also be a folk dance display in the morning, as well as a number of gazebos serving as information and educational centers.

However, the entire area will be vibrant with projects, including food kiosks serving street cuisine, music, and even a moving stall. The whole program is available at this LINK.