From Friday 19th to Sunday 21st May Soave will transform itself and relive the glorious history of the village with the famous Medieval and Soave wine Festival. Food and wine tastings with historical re-enactments to discover one of the most beautiful villages of Verona. The program also includes numerous cultural and musical events including the investiture of the Castellane and the Spadarini of the imperial Castellania of Suavia and the medieval “dinner with crime” event.   

Soave takes a dip into the past and for three days the streets of the Veronese village will be the stage of ladies and knights who, in period costumes, will enchant citizens and tourists. In addition, on Saturday the medieval village will run through Via Roma and Via Ruffo, and on Sunday there will be the famous medieval parade in costume. During the parade, there will be flag-wavers and musicians who, starting from Porta Verona, will arrive up to Piazza Antenna where the knights will compete in an exciting duel. On the same day, there will also be a parade of Bovari dogs.   

Regarding the “dinner with crime” event, on Friday 19th at 20:00. With a leap back in time, participants will return to the year 1375. We are in Soave and during the installation of Pietro Montagna as vicar and judge of Soave, a mysterious crime occurs. Dinner guests, divided into teams will sit at separate tables, solving the case through clues and data collected during the evening. Participants can also wear costumes or simple elements of medieval inspiration, with or without any philological and historical appeal. The dinner will include a menu inspired by the context of history and the price of dinner will be 55 euro per person. You can register by writing to the number 3661646266 or by emailing no later than Tuesday, May 16, 2023.  

The Medieval Festival, as every year on the third weekend of May, will feature the famous Soave white wine in the labels of Soave Classico DOC and Recinto di Soave DOCG. There will be many tastings in Piazzetta del Soave, in Piazza Mercato dei Grani, and also at the Fontana del Vino that will be held in the historic center. In addition,  gastronomic pairings including the one proposed for Saturday at 11:30 in Piazza Mercato dei Gran with fish dishes will be on offer.   

Among the many events, the investiture of the Castellane and the Spadarini of the imperial Castellania of Suavia will be the highlights. It is the first and only Italian heroic brotherhood exclusively composed of women established in the artistic, cultural, and entrepreneurial environments. Every year, they relive the legendary story of the Order of Knights of the Princess of Swabia. The princess, in the past, handed guests of great lineage, the damask shoulder strap containing the key of the castle, a symbol of the power of the lands of Suavia, and a chalice of the prestigious white wine of Soave. Together with the investiture of the Castellane, also that of the Spadarini, to whom the sword with the damask shoulder strap is given. These are the men with the task of defending the Castellane, chosen for their position of prestige in the different fields of human activity, as well as lovers of good wine.   

At the end of each day, there will be numerous musical events of different types. Among these, Friday evening will open the dance with a concert of the cover band Liga2due at the Parco della Rimembranza. On Saturday evening, however, there will be three concerts to satisfy everyone’s musical tastes: the duo Glasses Armony at Piazza Mercato dei Grani, the Philharmonic of Volpiamo Torinese conducted by Pietro Marchetti in Parco Zanella, and finally “Disco Inferno”, an event signed radio 80 to be held in Parco della Rimembranza. Sunday will be the turn of LUCIO&LUCIO that will relive eighty years of music by Lucio Dalla and Lucio Battisti at Parco della Rimembranza.   

Between cultural events, food and wine tastings, and historical reinterpretations a weekend to rediscover the history of the village of Soave and relive its most beloved traditions by citizens.   

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