From Friday 21 April, the Arena will be closed to the public up to and including 24 April. It will reopen on 25th April with the possibility of visiting until 15.00 (last admission at 14.30) in order to allow the scheduled performances to take place. The closure of the amphitheatre has become necessary for reasons of visitor safety, given the increase in the number of visitors, as critical problems have been encountered with the construction site for the stage and seating, which do not guarantee visitability conditions.

Barbara Bissoli, Deputy Mayor for Monumental Buildings, points out: “It is with regret that we are forced to close the Arena, as we cannot guarantee the safety of workers and visitors due to the interference between the work to secure the steps damaged by the falling poinsettia and the installation of the monument for performances organised without prior authorisation from the City Council. Tickets already purchased will be refunded“.