The pink parkings are a mark that aims to facilitate parking for pregnant women and mothers with children up to 12 months of age in tow. Suitable parking spaces are marked by vertical signs and pink stripes on the asphalt and can be used by residents of the municipality of Verona upon request.  

Where are the pink parking spaces?   

For the moment, the parking spaces available are in some strategic areas of the city:   

  • in the internal parking of the Borgo Trento hospital (near the maternity hospital and the collection service)  
  • in the internal parking of the Borgo Roma hospital (under the emergency room ramp)  
  • in the family counseling centres of Via Siracusa, Via del Capitel, Via Volturno  
  • in via Valpantena (opposite the pharmacy)  
  • in the parking lots of some supermarkets  

How to apply for the pink parking pass?   

It is therefore a card that the municipality releases free of charge from the UPR (Office of Public Relations). To receive it you must submit a request signed by the interested party using the form (here the link to the form). The application must then be submitted to the URP, bearing the completed form signed by the person concerned, together with a photocopy of the identity document.   

The request can be submitted personally or by person delegated to the office in Via Adigetto 10 (ground floor) after booking an appointment via FilaVia BookingApp or by calling the unique number 045 2212210.   

FilaVia BookingApp is an application that can be downloaded on smartphones but you can also make a reservation by accessing the site from pc (LINK). After booking, the system sends an e-mail and a confirmation SMS, with the call code at the counter. The same code is also used to cancel the appointment.  

Alternatively, you can call by phone. The auto responder is always active and offers the user three date/time choices for the appointment. You can accept one of these and get confirmation immediately, including the call code at the counter. In case of no choice, wrong selection or need to book another service, the system transfers the call to the operator or invites to call back from Monday to Friday from 8 to 18.   

The URP offices are open from Monday to Friday from 9 to 13 and Tuesday and Thursday also in the afternoon from 15 to 17.   

Latest news on pink car parks in Verona  

For the moment, the pink stalls are not yet a prescription, this means that those who are not eligible for their use but still decide to park between the pink stripes does not incur fines. In addition, they can only be required by mothers.   

Since January this year, however, the so-called “pink parking revolution” has led to some achievements. Among these has allowed to obtain 172 thousand euros from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility, which at the end of 2020 has established a fund intended to cover the expenses made by the municipalities for the establishment of reserved spaces. So, it is planned to create 300 pink stalls for both parents, and no longer only mothers, with children under two years, while now the rule provides for children under one year.   

Another important change concerns regulation. The pink stalls will provide for the application of the rules of the road and checks by the local police that can sanction and remove vehicles not in order or in order but out of maximum time of use.   

A change that according to the municipality will be clearly visible from next September.