Tourism in Verona is growing rapidly. Tourists stop for a few nights, visit the city and then move on to other destinations, often in other cities of Veneto. For this reason, one of the most comfortable and effective means for these types of holidays is the camper that avoids visitors to constantly pack and unpack, saving a significantly amount of time.   

The centre of Verona has a motorhome parking area. An unguarded parking lot open all year round 24 hours on 24 with 38 not bookable parking pitches that can be used for up to 48 hours.   

Where is it located?   

The motorhome area in the city center of Verona is located near Porta Palio, about 20 minutes’ walk from the central Piazza Bra. The area is located specifically in Via Dalla Bona, near the exit of the ring road coming from Verona Nord. In the immediate vicinity also the bus stop 62 which allows you to reach the center in a few minutes.   

What are the prices?  

The rates are different depending on the parking time: 3 euros for loading-unloading only, 5 euros for a four-hour stop (including loading-unloading) and 10 euros for the 24-hour stop.   

The user, when entering, must pick up a ticket which he must keep with care and not lose. To leave the area the user must put the ticket in the automatic ticketing machine pay, withdraw the ticket and insert it into the slot on the exit column. If the system does not work the user may contact the technical assistance of AMT (the Municipal transport company that manage parkings and parking passes) using the intercoms on the entry and exit columns and on the automatic ticketing machine or the telephone numbers posted 

What are the services?   

There is a pitch on the site where you may load drinking water and discharge waste water, and the usage of these services is included in the hourly rent.    

Campers can refill with drinking water, that can be used only for food and sanitary purpose, by connecting to the two taps located beside the waste water dump station. They must use hoses and fittings only for the time strictly necessary to fill their tanks. The hoses must not hinder circulation by persons and vehicles nor constitute a safety hazard.  

As regards waste water (sink and shower drains), they can be dumped in the dump station equipped with a drain pit and a wide mesh grate. “Sewage” (collected from the WC tank) can be dumped in the sewage drain located at the side of the dumping station. Camper drivers must clean the outside of the sanitary facility immediately after use. 

Some rules and prohibitions.  

First, the only vehicles allowed are those “having a special body permanently equipped for use to transport and lodge up to a maximum of seven persons, driver included”, all the others besides being removed will also be subject to sanctions.   

Then, it is prohibited to park:  

  • along the inner access lane or in any case in a way that blocks the passage of other vehicles 
  • in the vicinity of the access to the area in a way that makes entry or exit maneuvers more difficult 
  • in the vicinity of the area dedicated to camper services 

AMT Spa is authorized to intervene to move and/or tow away vehicles that are parked in an improper or inadequate way without any liability for damages. Tow-away costs shall be paid for entirely by the user and must be paid prior to leaving the parking area. 

There are also some other prohibitions for people inside the area. It is prohibited to: 

  • dig holes, even small ones  
  • use open fires, generators, barbecues or similar devices inside the area  
  • uproot grass  
  • waste water by leaving taps open or using them to play games 
  • cut down or remove foliage from trees and climb on trees  
  • remove or damage materials and objects belonging to AMT Spa  
  • play games with balls or with thrown objects  
  • wash and hang out clothes outside the campers  
  • transit and park motor vehicles other than campers and park leaving engines on 

Among other rules, animals must be kept so that they do not bother, disturb or damage property and/or persons. Then, dogs must be kept on a leash and their excrements must be collected. Also, people cannot do noisy activities that bother public and private peace from 8:00 P.M. to 7:00 A.M.; and garbage must be disposed of in specific containers and in compliance with current legislation and municipal regulations regarding urban solid waste.  

To read the rules also in Spanish and Dutch here is the link for the regulation.