From today, Monday, May 29 until June 4, meetings, films, walks and much more to reflect on strategies and solutions for responsible environmental management. In the initiative also the festival of the singer Elisa in the Arena on 2nd and 4 June. Conclusion next Sunday with the closure of the main street of Veronetta to rediscover a way of living the most sustainable neighborhood.   

A week entirely dedicated to sustainability and to concrete actions that Verona can do. Today begins the first edition of “Together green week”, the initiative organized by the municipality in collaboration with the University that will see the participation of many industry experts, university professors and professional figures. The goal will be to encourage the participation of the Veronese realities in the creation of a positive impact in the long term.   

At the end of the week, Sunday, May 4, the central street of the university district of Veronetta will be closed to allow citizens and visitors to experience the city in a different and sustainable way. The closure of via XX Settembre has already been tried in the past weeks and, given the participation that has collected, it will be repeated on this occasion. Sunday there will be in the district many events such as a sound walk accompanied by nature guides, a photo exhibition and an ecological walk in the center. There will also be numerous bazaars to rediscover the charm of vintage as well as stands to customize their bikes.   

Together green week’s program.   

Tonight, May 29, two meetings are scheduled. At 18 at the Cloister S. Francesco, in Via San Francesco the conference “Towards a Land in health. Reflections on a more sustainable world” with teachers of logic, philosophy and physics. This is an event organized by the RUS Commission – Network of Sustainable Universities – of the University of Verona. With Massimiliano Badino, Professor of Logic and Philosophy of Science at the Department of Human Sciences, RUS Commission of the University of Verona, Claudia Daffara, professor of applied physics at the Department of Informatics, Angela Fara, coordinator of the SOS Network – Schools Oriented to Sustainability.  

At 21, however, at the Cloister S. Francis there will be the screening of the film “Last stop before chocolate man”. A film by Susanna della Sala with Zalab Production. Introduction by Luca Bochicchio, Professor of Contemporary Art History of the Department of Cultures and Civilizations, Monica Molteni, Professor of Museology of the Department of Cultures and Civilizations and Jessica Bianchera, Urbs Picta.  

Tuesday, May 30 at the Cloister S. Francis the event “èVRgreen: monitor the city to improve air quality and to protect biodiversity”. It will be preceded by a presentation of the project with joint intervention between Linda Avesani and Flavia Guzzo, Department of Biotechnology, Federico Leoni, Department of Humanities, Tommaso Ferrari, Councillor for the Environment and Ecological Transition of the Municipality of Verona and Leonardo Latella, Museum of Natural History of Verona. Moderator Luca Mantovani, journalist of “L’Arena”.  

At 21 at the Cloister S. Francesco, via San Francesco there will be the screening of the film by Win Wnders “The salt of the earth” introduced by Alberto Scandola, professor of cinema of the Department of Cultures and Civilizations.  

Wednesday, May 31 at 18, at the Cloister S. Francesco, “The republican constitution: 75 years after.  A journey through the history of the Italian constitution, whose recent amendments to art. 9 of 2022 on the protection of the environment reiterate the relevance”. A meeting promoted by the Department of Culture and Civilization, Department of Legal Sciences and the Center for European Studies. The introduction will be developed by Renato Camurri, professor of contemporary history of the Department of Culture and Civilization. At the event also Angelo Ventrone, University of Macerata with “From the Resistance to the Republic” and Daniele Butturini, teacher of constitutional law of the Department of juridical sciences with “The political project of the Constitution and its performance”.  

At 21 participants will move outside the Library A. Frinzi, in via San Francesco, 20 where there will be “IN LIBERA JUNGLA”, a Jazz/Ethno/Electronics event of music and images with Ricky Turco, drums, Roger Joseph Constant, percussion, Donato Dalia, electric guitar, Francesco Ronzon, rebab, trumpet, samplings. The event is part of Verona Risuona 2023.  

Thursday 1 June there will be “Esuday 2023”. A free admission event dedicated to students of the University of Verona organized at the Giardini del Polo Zanotto, Viale dell’Università 1 starting at 12. 

Friday, June 2 at Veronetta “Resonates Love/ Hate – Diplomart”. From 16 to 23, the sound contamination of bars, restaurants, art galleries and cultural centers of Veronetta in balance with the environment.   

And from Friday 2 to Sunday 4 June also “Back to the Future Village” at the Santa Toscana Park.   

On June 2 from 18.30 there will be an acoustic Set while on June 3 from 10 to 24 and June 4 from 10 to 20 workshops, sports, installations, meetings with experts and environmentalists as well as live music.   

Finally, Sunday, June 4, will be the turn of the initiatives at Polo Santa Marta, Ex Provianda in via Cantarane, 24 where there will be a series of events by the University of Verona.   

Specifically, it will start from the morning at 10:30 in the West Court of the University with the opening of the exhibition “Biosphaera – Soundiversity”, an immersion in listening to biodiversity. This is a project by BIOSPHAERA s.c.s. In collaboration with MegaHub – Cooperativa Samarcanda Verona, fablab Fondazione Aida, Fondazione ARCA, Parco Natura Viva with the support of Fondazione Cariverona. The exhibition will continue until June 10 during the opening hours of the university.  

From 10.30 to 17, in the outer space, west side, FabVan of Verona fablab. Thanks to virtual reality headsets and other technological instruments, girls and boys can explore the sounds of nature in an interactive way.  

At 11, the outdoor meeting at the gazebo of the Bachelor in Motor Science for a walk with the associations present in Veronetta.  

At 17 in classroom SMT10 and then west court “TREES”, the theatrical performance of Silvia Girardi Lights Federico Caputo – Sound Gipo Gurrado, Costume Cora Bellotto. Before the performance will be screened the documentary “ALBERI”, directed by Silvia Girardi and Gabriele Donati. The event is organized thanks to ViveVisioni/Riciack. Free admission until seats are exhausted (the organization reserves the right to close the access arrived at the maximum capacity provided).   

At 19, “Soundwalk on the Walls of Verona”. A sound walk with the nature guides of Biosphaera and the department of Neuroscience, biomedicine and movement (Area Motor Sciences) to listen and recognize the sounds of nature. Participants can choose between a short walk on the Bastion delle Maddalene or continue with the guides for a panoramic 5 km ring trek back to the starting point. The duration will be 2 hours. It is advisable to wear comfortable clothing with trekking boots (or sneakers with a non-smooth sole), long pants, ant to bring a water bottle. Outdoor meeting at the gazebo of the Bachelor of Motor Science in the outdoor space of Santa Marta.   

There are also many initiatives in via XX Settembre organized with the associations and realities of the neighborhood.   

  • Herbarium, the flowers remained pink – Grenze Photographic Arsenals. A photographic exhibition of the project “Herbarium” by Alessandra Calò, in collaboration with Reggio Emilia Città Senza Barriere, Civic Museums of Reggio Emilia and Art Verona. C/O Il Meccanico Via San Vitale 2B, from 10 to 12 and from 15 to 19.   
  • Opening of the Gallery – Laboratory “Arterikka StoreLab”, exhibition of works related to the world of bees in collaboration with Az. Agricola Pernigo. Via XX Settembre n. 5, from 10 to 18.   
  • The covers found – ArtFrigò. First historical editions of literature in the Abat Book lamp collection: on display over 20 editions recovered and restored precious illustrations. Via XX Settembre n. 18/A, from 10 to 13 and from 14 to 18.   
  • Workshops of loom and macramé – Center intercultural of women House of Ramia. Stands and workshops open to the public of traditional works against the culture of “disposable”. Via XX Settembre, height of Vicolo colombine from 10 to 16.   
  • Three apprentices | SÅM Visual Exploration of Lessinia – Associazione Culturale Fonderia 20.9. The exhibition “Three apprentices” is the result of the artistic residency of the project SÅM – Visual Exploration of Lessinia. The artists involved Carl Ander, Eleonora Agostini and Yana Wernicke present the works produced in the periods of March and May 2022 in Lessinia, curated by Federico Clavarino, photographer and teacher.  SÅM – Visual exploration of Lessinia – is a project curated by Ana Blagojevic, Chiara Bandino and Francesco Biasi in collaboration with Fonderia 20.9 and the Lessinia Film Festival with the support of Fondazione Cariverona. From 10 to 18 in Fonderia 20.9, Via XX Settembre 67/a 
  • A forest in the city – I. S. ViveVisioni / Project Ri-Ciak. Information point of the association in Via XX Settembre n. 98, from 12 to 19. ” Green Green poetry readings” by Elisa Paganica and Otello Bellamoli, Ciak Cinema Gallery, from 12 to 12.30.   
  • Ecological Walking – Active VR Citizenship. Walk the streets to collect and differentiate paper, plastic glass, cans and cigarette butts. Awareness of citizenship to respect and protection of the environmental and urban heritage. Departure from Porta Vescovo at 10 am. 
  • Screening of “Nanuk the Eskimo” – Diplomart and Bridge Film Festival. Documentary, by Robert J. Flaherty Recounting ‘in the field’ the life and vicissitudes of an Inuit hunter and his family, Flaherty managed to make his ethnocentric audience identify with the people of the Great North, whose nobility of mind the film exalts, the ability to adapt and the gay spirit. Porta Vescovo from 9 to 19 (in loop).   
  • Bazaar solidarity from one hand to another – Foundation Fevoss Santa Toscana. Clothing and accessories “second hand” for adults and children’s books and toys. Via San Nazaro n has 25/ a Children Bazaar and n is 25/ b-27 Bazaar adults, from 10 am to the end of the event.   
  • Bicycle markings – Fiab Verona. Bicycle marking service in 10 – 13 hours after registration by 12 am on Saturday, June 3 Information gazebo in Piazza S. Toscana from 10 to 17.   
  • A suspended story – polymorphic APS / D-Hub. Spontaneous moments of reading, encouraged by the cultural operators of the association. PiazzaSanta Toscana, ex- Newsagent from 10 to 13.   
  • Open radio broadcasts – Cultural Association Rocket Radio – Rocket Radio A.P.S. For the occasion the headquarters of the association is open to the public who can attend radio broadcasts. 16 – 24 – Headquarters of the association, via E. Arduino 6/b, 37129, VR 
  • The beauty of Creation in the cultural itinerary of “Rinascere dal Cielo” – Fondazione Verona Minor Hierusalem. An unusual itinerary to discover the richness and beauty of nature painted and kept in some churches of the multicultural district of Veronetta. Churches of San Nazaro and Celso and Santa Maria del Paradiso from 11.00 to 17.30 and the Churches of San Tomaso Cantuariense, San Paolo and Santa Toscana from 12.30 to 17.30.   
  • wʌn (we art nature) – Carlo Brunelli, art Studio Gallery. Project of social innovation and sustainable development through contemporary art in Via Giosuè Carducci 24. Hours 10 – 13 and 16 – 19.30.