New Wi-Fi zones on their way to Verona’s historic centre. By January 1, 2024, people can surf for free throughout the city centre, including museums. Verona gets even smarter by allowing citizens, but especially tourists, to roam freely around the city using unlimited and free internet.    

The extension of the areas subject to Wi-Fi Verona is part of the largest project of Agsm-Aim Smart Solutions Srl, a company of the Agsm-Aim Smart Solutions Srl group that has long been a partner of companies and public administrations in the development of services related to the territory. 

One of the most anticipated innovations of the project, whose announcement will be published at the end of June, is the expansion of the Veronese internet network. The extension will cover the entire area from Piazza Erbe to Porta Nuova and the free Wi-Fi also be available inside museums. The House of Juliet, Castelvecchio, Gallery of Modern Art, Lapidary Museum Maffeiano, Archaeological Museum Roman Theatre, Museum of Natural History, and Tomb of Juliet are among them. As a result of the new infrastructure, the goal is to reimagine museum spaces to facilitate visits to Verona.    

It is therefore an extension, because a free Wi-Fi network in Verona already exists. But how does it work?

To connect for free just select in your device the network (( freewifi@verona )). When the web page opens, just download the Verona smart app, an application created by the municipality for both IOS and Android, and register following the simple instructions provided.   

The app also allows you to find all the Wi-Fi networks nearby. Just select the first category from the top left of the main page and open the map with over 200 free networks that are currently available around Verona. Wi-Fi is available in the three most visited tourist routes: from the Porta Nuova Station, along Corso Porta Nuova, to Piazza Bra; from the Parking Center, down Via Pallone, to Piazza Bra; and from Piazza Bra, all along Via Mazzini and Via Cappello.    

The Verona smart app, however, is not only useful for internet connection. It also has several sections that facilitate travel, both to visit the city and to live it daily. For example, the section “mobility and transport” allows you to connect to the ATV (Verona transport company that deals with public transport), to read the latest reports of accidents, or to see the availability of the main paid parking.   

Other information is dedicated to those who use an electric car, the app allows you to see where are the parking spaces and above all, connecting to Agsm aim e-mobility, to find the nearest charging stations.