With rafts along the Adige to visit the civic museums of Verona. It is the new initiative of Civic Museums and Adige Rafting and Canoa Club that will allow from June to descend the river to discover Verona and its three museums facing the Adige: Castelvecchio, Archaeological Museum and Museum of Natural History. Guides’ explanations in Italian, English, German and French.   

Verona recreates its intimate connection with the river thanks to the initiative of Civic Museums and Adige Rafting and Canoa Club. For the first time ever, from 13 June to 27 August, you can participate in the Adige rafting experience while visiting Verona’s three museums that overlook the river. It is a nine-kilometer trail that connects the two city dams and passes through all the river’s significant locations. 

The route is dotted with breaks that allow not only to admire the surrounding beauties of Verona but also to discover, thanks to the explanations of the instructors, the history of the river city. Founded within the bend of the Adige, the Roman Verona has developed over the centuries an intimate relationship with its river and this initiative aims to return to give importance to the link that the city has with the Adige.   

By sailing you can then discover Verona from another point of view to learn about the history of some of the city’s landmarks. These included the tower of Ponte Catena, which in Venetian times held the chain of closure of the river, the church of the patron saint of Verona San Zeno but also the Gavi Arch and the church of San Giorgio. Other wonders to discover are Ponte Pietra, Santa Anastasia and San Fermo, up to the Venetian Customs which recalls the primary role of the Adige River route in the Venetian trade. 

And from this summer also the visit of Castelvecchio, the most important military monument of Verona built in the Middle Ages, the archaeological museum inside the ancient deconsecrated monastery of the Gesuati and finally the museum of Natural History with over three million finds.   

And after the last stage, participants can compete in a challenge between rafts starting in line.   

Useful information about the rafting experience.   

The guided tour will last a total of about 2 hours and 40, an hour and a half for the descent on the Adige and an hour to visit the three civic museums. The price of the navigation only, which also includes the return shuttle to the starting point, is 25 euros for adults and 18 euros for children under 12 years. For families there is a 10% discount.   

Before the visit will be provided the nautical material (life jacket and paddle) and then the participants will be divided into groups for technical explanations. Each raft will be accompanied to discover the river Verona by a guide F.I. Raft (Italian Rafting Federation) who will teach how to paddle and tell the symbolic places in four languages: Italian, English, German and French.   

Where. You will depart from the nautical base of Chievo area that presents a private parking whose pass will be provided by the rafting company. Changing rooms, services and a bar-restaurant will also be provided. The meeting point and boarding is the sports center Bottagisio in via Perloso 14/a. Alternatively to the car, you can reach the place taking the bus number 11 (95 on public holidays) starting from Piazza Bra or from Porta Nuova station and getting off at Scaligera Formazione stop.  

The landing will be in Boschetto, Lungadige Galtarossa, 40, from which you can directly reach the station of Porta Nuova or Piazza Bra in about 20 minutes on foot.   

When. From 13 June you can navigate by reservation on the days:  

  • Tuesday 13 June with meeting at 14.00   
  • Sunday, June 25 at 9.30  
  • Monday, July 3 at 14  
  • Saturday, July 8 at 9.30  
  • Friday 14 July at 14  
  • Thursday, July 20 at 14  
  • Wednesday 26 July at 14  
  • Saturday 5 August at 9.30  
  • Friday, August 11 at 14  
  • Monday 21 August at 14  
  • Sunday, August 27 at 9.30  

To book you can call or write on Whatsapp at +39 3478892498 or by email at info@adigerafting.it