Verona returns as the protagonist of a tumultuous love story. The shooting of “L’invenzione di noi due” – “the invention of the two of us” – will begin on July 12th, based on the homonymous novel by the Veronese Matteo Bussola. Among the protagonists also Lino Guanciale.   

What better place to tell an intense and troubling tale than Verona? The shooting of “L’invenzione di noi due,” a new movie starring Lino Guanciale and Silvia D’Amico and based on the same-titled novel by Veronese author Matteo Bussola, will start in a month. The movie is produced by K+ with funding from the Veneto Film Commission. Starting from July 12 and continuing for seven weeks, the team will film in Verona’s streets and landmarks, where the entire production will be shot.    

The plot  

The opening lines of the Bussola novel, which served as the inspiration for the movie, read, “I began to write to my wife after she had completely stopped loving me.” Although Milo and Nadia have been married for fifteen years, recently, something has changed. Milo becomes aware that his wife no longer acknowledges him, pays attention to him, or engages him in conversation. As is occasionally the case of couples who remain together a little out of habit or addiction.    

But Milo refuses to give in to the inertia of time and continues to love his wife, even if he can no longer see the girl he once knew in her. As a result, one day he decides to write her pretending to be someone else. Unexpectedly, she responds and the two begin a love communication that restores the passion. But, while Milo is first happy to see his wife, jealousy quickly sets in, and how can he save himself if he has become his own adversary? 

The cast  

The two protagonists, Milo and Nadia, will be played by Lino Guanciale, one of the most loved and appreciated actors on the Italian scene, and Silvia D’Amico, who has an extraordinary filmography suspended between dramas and comedies. The actors Francesco Montanari and Paolo Rossi will also be present.   

The screenplay will instead be entrusted to Federico Fava (nominated for David di Donatello, the most important Italian film prize) together with Valentina Zanella, the author Matteo Bussola and Paola Barbato.   

The author  

Matteo Bussola was born in Verona in 1971. Cartoonist, writer and radio host, he graduated in architecture in Venice but at the age of 35 decided to pursue his dream and began working as a cartoonist, collaborating with several major Italian and foreign publishing houses. These include Star Comics and French publishers Soleil and Humanoides Associés.    

His first book “Notti in bianco, baci a colazione” tells through some dialogues a father’s daily life and within a few months became a best seller translated in France, Spain, Germany, United States and in several other countries. Given the success, in 2020 the book also becomes a film. In the same year he publishes his first novel, “The invention of the two of us”.