The summer timetable of urban and suburban buses and seasonal tourist transport services starts today, June 12. The innovation of this year is payment with contactless cards on line 199, Fs-Catullo Airport Station. 

The passing of the 1000 Miglia and the Première in Arena promises a busy week for the Veronese road network. Today, however, begins the summer timetable of urban and suburban buses aimed to fulfill the demands of visitors, who have already returned in large numbers through the streets of Verona, as well as the beaches, mountains, and historic places of our region.    

This year, people can buy Fs-Airport Station tickets using EMV contactless payment cards (Europay, Mastercard, and Visa). New validation machinery, equipped with a scanner for both QR codes and contactless EMV cards, will be installed on buses to replace the present ones. As a result, two distinct ticketing channels will exist: one for the validation of paper tickets with Qr codes and Mover Card, and another for the use of bank cards with contactless technology.    

Urban service   

As for the urban networks, the “winter” frequency of the lines will be maintained in the first phase, specifically until July 3, except for school rides that will be cancelled. A distinct timetable will be developed for Monday-Friday and Saturday, with transportation intensified during peak hours. The working summer service begins on Monday, July 3rd, in its traditional format, from Monday through Saturday.   

Another change from July 3 will concern the runs of line 11, that come from Bussolengo: the route will be extended to Porta Vescovo station, an area that will still maintain the connection with the residential district of Montorio carried out from line 13. Extension of the route also for line 70, whose terminus via Sommavalle is moved to Torricelle. Finally, a detour route for line 12 that, due to the work of the TAV at the underpass of Via Bernini Buri, to connect Molini locality will make a detour on the ring road and Via Unità d’Italia throughout the summer.  

Suburban service  

In terms of suburban service, two additional bus rides will be introduced to line 351, between Colognola Veneta and Legnago, one in the morning and one at lunchtime. Then, line 14’s departures will be changed to match those in the winter season, allowing commuters to take the bus at the same time. Lines 102 and 173 will have their departures and arrivals synchronized to construct a link between Bussolengo and Cavaion.   

HERE the new time table for urban and suburban services.

Garda Lake

To allow visitors to move easily towards the area of the lake, the entire structure of bus services in the Benaco basin will be restructured. It provides coverage of the entire coast of Verona Benaco from Riva del Garda to San Benedetto di Lugana, every day – including holidays – with services operating until 1 am.

Bus runs are active every hour from Riva to Malcesine (line 484) and every half hour between Malcesine and Peschiera (lines 164, 483, 484) that cover all the towns on the Veronese shore, including Gardaland.   

In addition, there are two runs every hour between Garda and Verona (Piazza Bra) and vice versa. The connection is made thanks to an hourly ride on the Garda-Lazise-Peschiera-Verona via Catullo Airport route, with line 164 and an hourly ride on the Garda-Lazise-Verona route, where the “rapid” service is active (line 185 stops only in Verona, Lazise, Cisano, Bardolino, Garda), and a local (line 163) that covers all the stops along the way.  

A significant change this year concerns the 483 San Benedetto-Malcesine line: in fact, the runs that stopped in Garda last year, will continue to Malcesine, thus ensuring hourly service from 8 until after midnight.  

Also very popular is the connection between Catullo Airport and Lake Garda, line 482 which also passes Villafranca and Valeggio thereby connecting Benaco to Villafranca.   

Monte Baldo  

Another tourist area of great attraction is of course Monte Baldo, on the two sides of San Zeno-Prada and Ferrara-Spiazzi, both well connected by ATV buses. Line 470, starting from Garda and Costermano, allows you to reach the towns of San Zeno, Lumini and Prada with 7 rides a day, all equipped with the trolley bike BusWalk&Bike service.   

New this year, all line 470 runs will arrive in Prada, so that hikers can reach the departure station of the renewed Prada-Costabella chairlift, and from here climb to the renowned refuges of Monte Baldo. 

On the other side of Monte Baldo, there is also the popular destination of the Sanctuary of Madonna della Corona which can be reached from Garda thanks to line 476 + shuttle bus from Spiazzi to the Sanctuary every 15 minutes on public holidays and every 30 minutes on weekdays.  

Also confirmed for summer 2023 the “historic” tourist line Lake Garda – Venice, with departures on Tuesday and Thursday.   

And of course, the post-Opera Arena di Verona-Lago di Garda service is also proposed, departing from Piazza Bra half an hour after the end of the show that, thanks to the collaboration with the Association of Hoteliers of Garda, allows spectators of the Arena to return comfortably to the resorts between Peschiera and Malcesine.  


This year, there will also be a connection between the center and the suburbs with an electric-powered vehicle, one of the first e-buses added to the ATV fleet. The new electric bus offers considerable advantages in terms of comfort, silence, and the absence of polluting emissions.     

Local inhabitants of Legnago will thus have a transport service practically “personalized” enabling them, through a special app, to book the trip by bus at the time and the desired stop, with considerable advantages in economic and energy resources, but above all, a better quality of service, which will make the use of public transport more attractive.