Employment rates up to 90.8%, average monthly salaries of 1641 euros, more and more internships and experiences abroad. These are the numbers of graduates of the University of Verona according to the annual report of the Almalaurea Consortium.  

As every year, Almalaurea has produced a report that has examined on the one hand the profile of 281 thousand 2022 graduates of seventy-seven Italian universities, and on the other the employment situation of 670 thousand graduates (first and second level) in the years 2021, 2019 and 2017 from 78 universities.   

Regarding the University of Verona, the XXVth Report analyzed 4738 graduates to create a general profile and 8118 graduates to study the post-graduate employment situation in Verona. 

In terms of employment, in Verona the rate has risen by one point since 2021, from 83.8% to 84.5% for three-year graduates who find employment a year after graduation. A result much higher than both the Venetian average of 79.3% and the national average of 77.1%.   

For Master’s graduates, that is, students who continue with another two years of study after the three years university degree, the employment rate at one year from the end rises to 80.1%, up to 90.8% after five years of graduation. In this case the data are in line with the national and regional average, as is the stated average monthly salary of 1641 euros online. 

These figures are therefore highly encouraging for the University of Verona, which in recent years has increasingly focused on internships, with up to 79.8% of students enrolled participating in these projects.  

Another feature that emerged from the report is the growing trend towards cosmopolitanism, and not only regarding linguistic faculties. In Verona, the University offers different opportunities for experiences abroad: from those that include short summer periods, to Erasmus of nine months, up to the Erasmus that allow you to carry out your internship abroad in reality already linked to the University of Verona. In this sense, 21.8% of graduates have had at least one experience abroad during their university career.   

In conclusion, according to Almalaurea’s report, 88.7% of the respondents were overall satisfied with their university experience.