A new beginning for cyclists on Lake Garda. The Gardesana bike route, which is going to connect the Veronese municipalities of Lazise and Castelnuovo, allows you to cycle safely to Gardaland.   

The first section of the Garda cycling route, which was inaugurated yesterday, provides a lane fully separate from the car lane, illuminated even at night, and fits with the growing demand for sustainable tourism. 

The route between Lazise and Castelnuovo is two kilometers long, connecting Pacengo and the roundabout of the hospital Pederzoli, and is part of a wider project that will involve the construction of 140 kilometers of cycling paths surrounding Lake Garda, extending to the sections of Peschiera and the border with Lombardy. The award of the lot that connects the Veneto section of the bike path to Sirmione with the new bridge that will be erected on the Mincio in the municipality of Peschiera is scheduled in December 2023. Looking north, work is proceeding in Malcesine on the building of a functioning lot of Ciclovia, which will be financed with around $7 million in mutual funds border.    

In addition to the cycling route, the entry from the Gardesana to the Gardaland park has been made safer for pedestrians and bicycles with a new 39-meter-diameter circle. There are also additional innovations in terms of green spaces developed because of Gardaland’s participation, which supplied the landscaping and furnishings of the green inside the roundabout as well as the commitment to maintain the area.    

The park aimed on establishing a green zone inside the roundabout that was not only visually appealing but also successful at attracting pollinating insects, including bees, for extended periods of time. In fact, with olive trees and cypresses, also some perennial herbaceous species and hydroabsorbency-proof grasses have been planted at the basis; thus, the diversity of plants will allow for flowering at a progressive temporal pace, from spring through summer until fall.    

The roundabout includes four arms, a 60-meter exterior diameter, a 10.5-meter-wide ring, and a 2-meter-wide interior semi-transitable crown. Considering the link between the new pedestrian and the existing parallel to Via Derna, each traffic island provides space for pedestrian crossing.