“La Pesca a Tavola” – “The Peach at the Table” – will celebrate Verona’s distinctive summer fruit through August 20. It is an opportunity to learn not only about food and wine and its zero-kilometer products, but also about Verona’s history and culture, as well as about multiple initiatives relating to Verona’s natural surroundings.   

The summer fruit celebration program began in 2014 and is now in its tenth edition. A lengthy road whose protagonists, in addition to the famous Scaliger peach, are various communities that each year provide visitors and locals with numerous possibilities to rebuild their connection with nature. Among these are the municipalities of Sommacampagna, Sona, Bussolengo, Valeggio, Villafranca, and Castelnuovo, who are collaborating with trade organisations to promote the fruit of the Veronese summer. 

The event  

One of the project’s key goals is thereby to promote knowledge about the territory and its local products. Indeed, you can taste the Veronese fruit due to the fifty farms that sell it in the field and at the Pesca di Verona farmers’ markets. But that’s not all. Multiple restaurants have also included traditional summer dishes to their menus to raise awareness of the multiple uses for the fruit.   

Another goal is to connect citizens closer to Verona’s agricultural vocation by encouraging the purchasing of fruits and vegetables from local farmers. Telling people about the land and getting them to try the peach involves not only strengthening the identity of farms, but also, and most importantly, inviting customers to make informed and ecologically sustainable decisions. 

Furthermore, “La Pesca a Tavola” is an important event for the development of rural tourism in the municipalities involved, which provide numerous opportunities to recall history, culture, food and wine, nature trails and historical, cycling routes, and the beauty of the morainic hills’ orchards and vineyards.   

“La Pesca a Tavola” in Bardolino  

The Verona Peach IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) is making citizens and tourists passionate about its history and is appreciated for its sweet taste, which is well matched to the wines of Custoza and Bardolino, other undisputed protagonists of the Morainic hills.   

Because of the strengthened collaboration with the Municipality of Bardolino, it will be possible to taste the IGP Peach of Verona for free next Sunday, July 9 in the square of the port in front of the town hall of Bardolino, enjoying the background of the magnificent panorama that our Lake Garda offers.  

The history of Veronese peaches 

Its uniqueness is further demonstrated by the fact that it was one of the first Veneto fruit products to receive the Protected Geographical Indication for its history and quality by the Ministry of Agriculture. In fact, the Verona’s Peach has been farmed since Roman times on the Veronese plain and, since 1500, up to the coasts of Lake Garda.   

The typical peaches of Verona are those with white or yellow pulp, as well as nectarines with white and yellow pulp at early, medium, and late ripening; their pulp is firm and juicy, with a characteristic taste due to the favorable climate, the protection of the hills, and the mildness of Lake Garda.